Updated: March 29, 2021

In this League of Legends: Wild Rift Diana guide you'll find everything you need to know about the champion, from her skills and how to allocate them to her build, skill combo, and runes. Here is what you will find in the Diana guide below:

  • Diana's skills
  • Skill combos
  • Skill level-up order
  • Summoner spells
  • Runes
  • Items

In Wild Rift Diana is a melee-ranged mage with the ability to dive into the enemy team and destroy everybody who stands in her way. She is the next champion we are going to take a look at. Although she is not your typical Mage, she's definitely as powerful as one. Diana has a lot of burst damage, but plenty of sustain as well, since her shield allows her to play aggressively even outside of trades.

When playing Diana, your main goal is to go in and assassinate the enemies. In order to be viable, you need to land your Skill 1, because that's when the magic happens. Landing your Skill 1 will allow you to dash to the target (because they're marked) and trade with them. Let's take a look at her entire kit so you will understand exactly what I'm talking about.

Before we get started, I'll mention one thing: Diana is not easy to master. She might be quite easy to get a grasp of, but really understanding how she works and how you can one-shot your opponents will take time. There are a million ways you can combo her Skill 1 with the rest of her kit to outplay your opponents, but it will take a lot of time to learn them all. Therefore, we're going to give you some basic tips on how to understand her.

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League of Legends: Wild Rift Diana skills

Moonsilver Blade (Passive)

Every third strike cleaves nearby enemies for additional magic damage. After casting a spell, Diana gains attack speed for her next 3 attacks.

Crescent Strike (Skill 1)

Unleashes a bolt of lunar energy in an arc dealing magic damage. Afflicts enemies struck with Moonlight, revealing them if they are not stealthed for 3 seconds.

Pale Cascade (Skill 2)

Diana creates three orbiting spheres that detonate on contact with enemies to deal damage in an area. She also gains a temporary shield that absorbs damage. If her third sphere detonates, the shield gains additional strength.

Lunar Rush (Skill 3)

Becomes the living embodiment of the vengeful moon, dashing to an enemy and dealing magic damage. Lunar Rush has no cooldown when used to dash to an enemy afflicted with Moonlight. All other enemies will have the Moonlight debuff removed regardless of whether they were the target of Lunar Rush.

Moonfall (Skill 4 / Ultimate)

Diana reveals and draws in all nearby enemies and slows them. If Diana pulls in one or more enemy champions, the moonlight crashes down onto her after a short delay, dealing magic damage in an area around her, increased for each target beyond the first pulled.

How to combo as Diana

Diana has a couple of combos, but most importantly it's landing your Skill 1. Everything else can follow afterwards since her entire kit is pretty much based on that. You can set up your engage or burst combos depending on the situation, so just make sure that you get a basic understanding of her kit first.

Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> Auto-attack -> Skill 3 -> keep auto-attacking (Ignite too if necessary)

This is a combo you can pull off as soon as you hit level 3. She can pretty much all-in as soon as she has her first 3 basic abilities, which is difficult for an opponent to match. If you are fighting against a fairly squishy opponent, then you can top this off with Ignite to quickly finish off anybody.

Since Diana is quite complicated, I'm going to leave you in the hands of someone who has a lot of knowledge when it comes to assassin champions. Therefore, if you want to learn some more advanced tips on playing Diana, make sure you check Assassin Dave's guide to Diana!

In what order to level up the skills?

For Diana, you want to max your Skill 1 first, then continue by levelling Skill 2, and finally Skill 3.  

  • Level 1: Skill 1
  • Level 2: Skill 2
  • Level 3: Skill 3
  • Level 4: Skill 1
  • Level 5: Skill 4
  • Level 6: Skill 1
  • Level 7: Skill 1

Keep levelling Skill 1 until it's maxed, then focus on Skill 2, and lastly on Skill 3. Of course, whenever you can, you want to add 1 point into your Skill 4 (ultimate).

The best summoner spells

Ignite: Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 60-410 true damage (based on level) over 5 seconds and inflicting them with Grievous Wounds. (Grievous Wounds reduces healing effects by 50%).

Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction. 

Wild RIft Diana - The best runes

diana runes - wild rift

You can also go for Conqueror if the enemy team is tankier. For each matchup, you can go for Electrocute, but otherwise, when you need to fight extended battles, Conqueror is the way to go. Try both and decide which one you like the most. 

Wild Rift Diana - The best items

wild rift diana best items


Stasis is a great choice because you ideally want to go in as much as possible with Diana, and that's a way to survive for longer if you dive too deep. 

Protobelt can also be a decent choice if you want to dive more often. 

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