Earlier this year, Crimson Company entered early access for mobile and launched a Kickstarter to bring a new expansion to the collectible card game, as well as a cross-platform PC version.

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The Crimson Company team easily cleared its goal just a few short weeks into the campaign and, with just a few days left, is still continuing to attract plenty of supporters.

Same as other card battlers the main premise of the game involves you facing off against opponents in card based match-ups with mythical mercenaries, with victory being awarded to the player that manages to take command of the most lanes. Unlike most Card battlers however, every player starts on a level playing field thanks to a sophisticated bidding system whereby players must recruit their mercenaries from a combined deck. Choosing when and who to bid for makes for an extremely dynamic style of play that forces you to continually adjust your strategy and completely removes the role of lady luck from the game.

Although Crimson Company has nearly tripled its Kickstarter goal (at the time of writing the campaign has received £18,258 in pledges) there are still plenty of reasons to show your support before the campaign closes at the end of the month. Among the more notable rewards for doing so include the chance to receive a collector’s edition version of the physical game for a donation of £34 or more, or (for the true table-top fans) a deluxe-edition for a donation of £68 or more. There are plenty of other luxuries to enjoy as well, such as extra in-game currency, exclusive digital version cosmetics, and (for the really big spenders) the chance to get your face in the game as a unique avatar, designed by Crimson Company’s lead artist.

To learn more about the exclusive rewards on offer, be sure to check out Crimson Company's dedicated Kickstarter page. You can also join the game’s early access support right now by downloading and playing the game from the App Store or Google Play Store.