Polte Games has released Sixth Extinction for iOS and Android devices alongside its launch on PC.

It is a dark, narrative-driven experience about extinction and discovering the true nature of oneself. It requires you to outwit the obstacles in your way, uncovering many truths and spark a change.

Polte Games assures that Sixth Extinction is now your average puzzle game, and in fact has a dark and hard-hitting story lurking beneath the gameplay. It’s up to you to uncover the truth and search for an important discovery about yourself and the world you live in.

There are puzzles, and you will have to think outside the box and use some intellect in order to get past the obstacles that stand in your way, and this will come in handy to understand the game’s deep message.

From the hand-drawn visuals to the poetic narration, every moment of Sixth Extinction has been crafted to enhance your enjoyment. It’s an hour-long experience, so it’s pretty short, but also provides a huge amount of atmosphere and thought-provoking writing.

And because of its dark message, with heavy themes of extinction, revenge and violence, it’s recommended for adults only.

You can download Sixth Extinction for the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android store, where it is a paid title that costs £1.99.

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