Sci-fi puzzle game Machinika Museum is coming to mobile platforms iOS and Android on 20th April.

In Machinika Museum, you are a researcher for a museum which finds machines from alien civilisations and curates them. Your job is to receive these devices and repair them to make them fit for purpose.

But this new assignment you’ve been given feels different. You haven’t been given any new information about it and it seems rather urgent.

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Check out this teaser trailer for the game by watching the video we've included above. It is worth nothing that while the game is releasing next month for mobile, it is out this week on PC.

The game is inspired by classic puzzle games old and new, such as Myst and The Room, and it’s developed by Littlefield Studios. You may recognise that name from the previous Mosaic MiniGolf that’s available on iPad.

There are roughly two to four hours of gameplay in Machinika Museum, with the game also featuring intuitive controls and gameplay to make it easily accessible and less complicated than it needs to be.

You will be able to play Machinika Museum when it launches on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store on 20th April. Pre-orders are available now, where it costs $4.99 to buy. The first chapter will also be free, allowing you to trial it before you buy it.

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