Time Princess (previously known as Dress Up! Time Princess), the 3D dress-up and interactive novel from IGG, is partnering with Days for Girls in a charity event via in-game donations. Players can help girls in Africa gain access to better-quality sanitation solutions by simply purchasing Charity Bags within the game.


The charity event runs from March 22 to 31, and as donors continue to unlock milestones, they’ll score additional in-game rewards as a “thank you” for their generosity. The collab will be a part of the game’s major event called “Princess Gala”, where players can dress-up their characters with unique themes from different eras and cultures to compete for a grand prize pool of US$5,000. Winners are voted on by players, and the prize money is split among the victors.

The partnership with Days for Girls follows the widely successful charity collaboration with ASPCA that gathered players to take part in rescuing stray cats and finding them better homes.

Getting started is as easy as downloading Time Princess on the App Store or on Google Play. Updates on the funds raised from the charity event will be posted regularly via social media, so you can follow the game’s official Facebook page, Instagram, and Discord channel to stay in the loop. You can also visit their Youtube channel to learn more about the various stories included in the game.