Have you started playing Disney Sorcerers Arena, but you are not sure yet what units to place in your team? Or maybe you have been playing for a while, and want to know which are the best teams at the moment. No matter the case, I hear you, and I've compiled a list of some powerful teams that you can assemble!

Some of these teams are super powerful at the moment, while some have been strong for quite a while. If you're a veteran player, then chances are you own most of these units. Therefore, assembling the teams shouldn't be too hard. Upgrading the units, on the other hand, might be a little bit more time-consuming.

But to give you an explanation as to why we chose the teams that we did, here are a couple of tips that will shed some light on that.

disney sorcerers arena best teams You want to pair up units that have a good synergy

Each unit has a different set of skills. Ideally, you want to pair together units that grant buffs that will stack up nicely together, such as increased damage, buff and debuff stacking (and extending their duration), and much more.

For instance, in a Toy Story team, you want to put units like Woody, Buzz and Jessie, as well as Chunk and other units that will gain benefits from the trait.

Some units can fit into multiple teams

You can have a couple of teams (one of PvP, one for PvE for example), but that doesn't mean you need to switch all of your units out. Some characters can work well in multiple instances, and therefore they can find a place in several teams.

Although you can take up all the S-tier units from our tier list and put them in various teams, you won't really benefit from their synergy buffs. So, as we mentioned in the previous point, try to keep this in mind while forming a team.

You might want to find a team that fits your playstyle

If you like playing the game a specific way, then you definitely want to put together the best team in Disney Sorcerer's Arena that will fit your playstyle. Some of the teams we will cover have a specific play style, and you cannot always play them on auto (because the skill and debuff timer will get completely out of sync).

But don't worry - if you like only playing on auto, then there's also a team that fits that criteria! (I see you, lazy gamers)

You can swap out the units you don't have for ones you own

Of course, this is an issue many of us encounter at one point or another. We find a team that we would like to play, only to be unable to use it because we're missing one unit. I have to say, you really shouldn't worry about that too much. 

best teams in sorcerers arena

Eventually, you will own all of the units and you can fix any team you want. And if you want to try any of the teams below, you can do so by swapping out the units you don't have for the ones you do have. Don't worry too much about the details! 

At the very beginning it won't make much difference, so feel free to put any units whose skills you think could benefit the main carries from a team. 

Below you can find 5 of the best teams in Disney Sorcerer's Arena, and I've written down everything you need to know about them. From how easy they are to play, to how well they synergize, you will be able to learn all about them! So, check them out on the following pages or in the links below: 

You can download the Disney Sorcerer's Arena from both Google Play Store and App Store!