A3: Still Alive, a dark fantasy open world mobile RPG by Netmarble, will receive a massive update from today onwards. If you are wondering about the content then the game will feature merged server battle content, three new Legendary Soul Linkers, Shu Transcendence, and peaceful Equipment Dungeon with no Player Kill allowed.

The update will let players participate in a number of in-game events. High-level Warriors can participate in these in-game events and collect dozens of rewards and experience.

Every Thursday, the cross-server battle called Velangfort Fortress will be open to all. If you want to see your name on the global leaderboards then this is the right place for you. On Thursdays, the two best servers with eight guilds with a total of 800 players will fight against each other.

The players from the servers and guilds are chosen randomly to maintain the proper matchmaking. Upon winning the fights, the game will grant huge rewards for every participant along with a world buff for non-participants during the event.

New dungeon equipment Somius of Peace, is now available for players who will easily be able to grab higher-level items in an enhanced environment. The item is completely compatible with ALIVE mode’s auto-battle functionality.

Interested, players have to collect and spend up to eight tickets per day. The tickets are available every hour to collect or can also be bought with in-game gold.

Extra information on the event:

Newly added Legendary Soul Linkers

  • Three Soul Linkers – Noble Lady Iarr (Attack Type)
  • Noble Lady Bennet (Support Type)
  • Knight Diana (Defense type) 

Shu Transcendence

  • Players can now increase the limit of Legendary Shus. As of now, it grants a maximum level increase of five. Players can increase the limit of Legendary Shus up to three times, for a total maximum level increase of 15.

Level Increases

  • Seamlessly increase your Sanctuary Runes up to Level 55, along with extra additions of floors now open in the Dark Lighthouse dungeon.

In-Game Events

  • Chaotic Soul Linker Summon Chest (18th March - 4th April) 
  • Spring Welcoming Heroic Shu Gift (18th March) 
  • Spring 7-Day Check-in Event (18th March - 4th April)
  • Guild Exchange Store Season 2 - Players can get the Legendary Ancient Egg, from which players can get Legendary Shu is now available in the Guild Exchange Shop. Use the Exchange Tickets earned from the Velangort Fortress Cross-Server Battle.
  • Playtime event to celebrate the Land of Peace Update (18th March) - Players who login in at the time of the event can grab dozens of rewards.

A3: Still Alive is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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