Harvest Town is all set to celebrate its first-anniversary on iOS. The game recently completed one year of its publication this month. On this eve, the devs are planning to celebrate by hosting an event which starts from 18th March and will continue until 8th April.

Details of the new events:

Remodelled Town

During the event, the town will be wholly renewed with decorative items. Places like pharmacies, shops, clothing stores and other buildings will be decorated with colourful flags, lights and balloons for the anniversary. Also, Boby Statue will be placed in the middle of the square and upon clicking, players will be given a bunch of rewards.

New Whale Island

The island managed by Foxy will now be totally managed by the player themself. Also, players will be able to create a whole new island for themselves. Decorate, add your own characters and manage the island the way you like.

Mysterious Monster Market

At 7 o'clock sharp a whole new parallel world, full of mystery will be opened. The gateway opens for a limited time where the player needs to make his way. The market is operated by brand new NPC monsters who are running a mysterious business. If you are ready for a new experience then do visit this market and engage with monsters in order to participate in interesting mini-games such as smashing the easter eggs to draw prizes. 

New innovative decoration

During the event, the game will host multiple events that will net players various rewards and points for clearing them. New music theme skin, such as Music Bed, Piano Message Board, Piano Mailbox, Theater Building, Notes Teleport Matrix can be unlocked to use for decorating. In addition, there will also be tons of new content such as celebration orders, new costumes and hairstyles up for grabs.

Harvest Town is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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