Game developer Hideki Hanida has launched the iOS store page for Fallen of the Round, an upcoming dungeon roguelike featuring miniatures. It’s now available for preorder on the iOS App Store.

Fallen of the Round features realistic 3D graphics where the units look like real miniatures you’d find in Games Workshop or something similar. The game also creates massive dungeons in the same style, and the goal of the game is to fight monsters that you encounter in these locations.

The game’s combat is pretty easy to understand, and it involves lots of strategic deck building. In battles, you place your pawns and aim them at the enemy to attack. Where you place them counts on what the characteristics of each class are, and is crucial to your victory if you can find the right spot to put them.

Defeating the enemies in each battle scenario also allows you to obtain new pawns and upgrade them to be much stronger to get through the tougher areas in the game. Collecting three of the same pawn increases the rank and allows you to equip it with new skills that can be triggered at specific parts during play.

Ultimately, the right combination of skills and classes will massively affect the strength of your party.

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You will be able to download Fallen of the Round when it launches on the iOS App Store on 6th April, but you can preorder it now for the price of $2.99.

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