Card battlers are everywhere nowadays with seemingly fewer and fewer releases offering anything new in the way of innovation. It's a small wonder then that many players are experiencing genre fatigue - but the developers of Crimson Company feel they might just have the antidote to revive their interest and, based on what we’ve seen so far, we’d have to agree. Here’s why....

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Lady Luck isn’t on your side

The very nature of collectible card games itself means that players will almost always go for the better deck, whether to add them to their shiny new collection for bragging rights or to make sure they’ve got the most firepower during a match. In Crimson Company, not only does the luck of the draw take a backseat with every round, but the victor is also determined simply by whoever has the better strategy. By taking away Lady Luck’s influence on every round, the game forces players to really up the ante when it comes to their decision-making because no one deck is superior to the other.

Leveling the playing field

That said, all things are definitely equal each time a battle starts. Both players share the same draw pool, and the drafting is done right there on the field. The only thing that fate decides is which card pops up next on the draw pool - otherwise, it’s up to your own cunning and specific strategy to figure out how to best your opponent each time.

Strategic card RPG-slash-MOBA hybrid

Of course, the RPG elements of this card battler-slash-MOBA still shines, as each card will have its own unique set of abilities. You have to weigh the pros and cons of every card, and even decide whether or not you want to take it for yourself or let your enemy have a go. For instance, a particular card may have a higher attack power, but if the next card your enemy plays has a special ability that destroys a targeted card in a given lane, then your offensive maneuver will prove futile. On the other hand, if you value your economy over any direct attack, then you might want to pick a card that rewards you with coins during every turn, as having more coins to bid with will give you a competitive advantage over your opponent in the long run.

Unique resource management and economy

Speaking of coins, you have to place your bid on each available card in the draw pool, so having a healthy reserve of wealth can really tip the scales in your favour especially as the match goes on. You might be eyeing a particularly strong card that’s coming up next in the deck, and outbidding your opponent for it can really hurt his ability to strike back as you fight for supremacy over three lanes.

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Breathtaking hand-drawn aesthetic

Finally, no matter how ingenious the game mechanic may be, it’s not going to make much of a splash if it doesn’t appeal to players in a visual sense. Thankfully, Crimson Company also has that down pat, with the gorgeous hand-drawn aesthetics reminiscent of medieval styles that spark the imagination. From the fantastical creatures to the regular folk in town, the characters all look pretty darn good, so you might just want to get your hands on a card just because it looks awesome.

You can download Crimson Company for free on iOS and Android to try it out for yourself today.