Supercolony’s Catopia: Rush has shared its new webcomic called Catopia University. The webcomic shows the life of Leon’s college days. The comic is deliberately ridiculous but also relatable. It shows the events like, meeting an odd roommate that lives in a box, struggling with class registration servers, or getting lost on the way to class.

The base story was translated from Korean, which was written by Nanhee. People who are well versed in the Korean language can definitely enjoy the original webtoon. The Catopia Webtoon Facebook page contains more than 15 episodes of this amazing comic. Also, the page is updated frequently with new episodes of Catopia University. In addition, the webtoon is beautifully drawn and will surely keep the readers engaged.

Although the English version of Catopia University is regularly updated weekly on Wednesdays at 2 pm PST on both Tapas and Webtoon platforms, readers can subscribe to both platforms in order to receive notifications regarding the updated webtoon. Readers need to keep in mind that, every episode of Catopia University is first launched in the Korean Language on their official Facebook page.

Apart from that, the dev team is actively working to push the game to live as soon as possible. Catopia: Rush is a dungeon crawler RPG with amazing controls and graphics. The game recently went through a beta testing phase where it received a lot of positive feedback. As per the records, more than 30000 players registered for the beta and played it. The entire dev team is thankful to the players who provided the feedback for them to improve the game.

As of now, there’s no news regarding the date for the release of the game, but soon enough the game will be published for both platforms.

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