LINE GAMES Corporation’s Exos Heroes is back with a new Fatecore series called Black & White, starting with 'Requiem Shaman – Kylock'. In this week’s update, players can take part take in the related event. This will run from March 11th to March 24th.

The new Fatecore showcases the Fated Hero Kylock in a parallel world of a new timeline, where the character is born with a kind heart and utilizes his powers to help the good and the weak, along with a special World Exploration event celebrating White Day.


Details of the event -

  • Until March 18th, players will be able to pick up Kylock along with his new Fatecore through Chance Increase Recruit.
  • Along with the new Fatecore, Kylock is now paired up with an exclusive weapon called ‘Harvester of New Moon’. It is a giant scythe that once had an evil monster sealed inside it but later on, it was purified with Kylock's power and now emits enormous energy.
  • From March 11th to March 24th, players can also collect Refreshing Candies from battles during Exploration. The collected candies can be used to trade for Baraka’s Exclusive Weapon called ‘Sweet Death’, along with other exclusive items at Door to Creation. Items like Dye Coupons, Nation Recruit Tickets and materials for enhancing Heroes and Equipment are also included in it.
  • The game will also host a 7 Days of Gifts event for March, which will run for two weeks until March 24. Players can participate in the given time to claim special gifts. There will be an attendance event where all players logging into the game for a week will receive Hekin’s Fatecore ‘Dribbling Greed – Hekin’ as well as and other in-game items including 700 Xes and 10 Nation Recruit Tickets.

Exos Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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