Since Idea Games will be releasing its sci-fi action game Cyber Hero Mission Runner on Google Play later this month on 24th March.

It is a roguelike top-down vertical shooter set in the cyberpunk genre where you play as a hero who uses fast-paced actions to clear rooms full of enemies. Just like bullet hell genres, you must run through these areas clearing them as fast as possible while also avoiding being hit yourself.

Enemy projectiles are deadly and their attacks can be swift, so it’s important to constantly be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly. Be sure to finish each room so you can reach the next mission.

Be sure to check out this trailer for Cyber Hero Mission Runner, which features some gameplay including its boss battles and chaotic missions.

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With each new mission, you unlock features, skills and items that each aid in raising the power of your hero. Cyber Hero Mission Runner allows you to upgrade everything, so you can experiment with endless combinations and achieve highly absurd levels of power.

"It's been an amazing journey for us developing “Cyber Hero Mission Runner”, and after a short time in Early Access, we are now very excited about being able to present the full version to the whole world." says Raphael Wittgruber from Since Idea Games. Founded in 2015, the indie games developer saved money for four years to fund Cyber Hero Mission Runner, which has been in the works for a whole year.

You can download Cyber Hero Mission Runner on 24th March on the Google Play for Android store, but we still don't know what the pricing model for it is.

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