Line Games has soft-launched its mobile action PvP game Smash Legends onto the iOS App Store and Google Play for selected European countries. The game is also launching on PC via Steam Early Access and there will be crossplay between there and mobile.

In Smash Legends, you fight in action packed 3-minute battles that involve you knocking your opponents out of a large ring. The game has intuitive controls that translate well between PC and mobile that even players not familiar with the genre can adjust to it.

You play as one of the game’s Legends which are inspired by classic fairy tales, and participate in these contests to keep order and peace in the Library World.

Smash Legends is currently soft-launched for five countries, meaning the game is only available if you live in one of the regions for the time being. You can expect a bigger release expanding the game to more countries to come in the future, as the game has been rapidly growing ever since its first Community Group Test that was carried out in May of last year.

The territories that can currently download Smash Legends are: the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We’ll be sure to update you once the number of countries involved grows.

The soft launch of Smash Legends currently holds a total of eight playable characters and six modes, which range from 1v1 duels to 8-player battle royale.

If you currently reside in one of these countries and want to check out Smash Legends, be sure to grab it from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. It’s also coming to Steam Early Access with crossplay later this year.

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