In case you missed it during last week's Pocket Gamer LaunchPad, Butter Royale creator Mighty Bear Games announced that they were adding a further 11 spices to their Apple Arcade exclusive battle royale title.

Unlike KFC these 11 special herbs and spices are not a secret, however. We now know that they are as follows: Black Pepper, Durian Extract, Ghost Pepper, Habanero, Lemon, Maple Syrup, Mint, Mustard, Onion, Sesame, and Thyme.

To celebrate, or maybe reiterate, these stats-altering ingredients, the developers released a new trailer, below, which you would have seen if you'd tuned into our LaunchPad stream.

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As you can see, the spices each add effectors to either your character or the weapons that you choose to use in the food-based battle royale game. The trailer highlights that Maple Syrup gives a 66% damage bonus to a launcher, taking the damage from 9 up to 15, and that's just one modifier - each one has different effects and you can have up to four attached for each match.

The original Spices update launched in January, giving players the opportunity to unlock, equip and level up the long-term boosters. Previously you could use power-ups, but these were not something that persisted between matches.

Butter Royale was, even before this update, incredibly dense with options when it comes to playstyles, with a variety of weapons available, as well as the variety that each map layout gave, but this gives players ever more ways to further specialise their play style - even if it's just boosting their health so they last a little longer in the food fight.

Butter Royale is among the hundreds of games available on Apple Arcade, the subscription-based games service on Apple Devices - which means it can be played on iOS, Apple TV and Mac devices.

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