Since a major update back in November, Skylanders: Ring of Heroes has had a constant stream of content added to the game. Today, the turn-based RPG introduces a couple of new characters alongside various in-game events.

The first of two new Skylanders arriving today is Oscar. He is a Portal Master who has access to useful recovery skills to heal allies HP in the midst of battle. The second is Flameslinger, a legendary Fire Element Skylander that makes use of fire, unsurprisingly, and explosions with their attacks.

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The fire-centric attack will see Flameslinger launching flaming arrows at a single target from long-range, inflicting a sizeable amount of damage. In addition to that, Flameslinger will also have several passive abilities that will grant critical weakening effects on enemies.

Meanwhile, alongside the two new characters, there are also two in-game events running at the moment. The first is the Academy Level Up Mission event, which is set to run until March 2nd. This will see players netting themselves a Summon Ticket by increasing their Academy Level.

Doing so will net players the best-grade Legendary character as well as receiving a plethora of in-game items. This can include Low Evolution Splendors, Legendary Skylander Summon Tickets, 320 Low Awakening Stones and 20 Premium Skill Power-up Stones.

The second event is George's Puzzle, which will stick around until March 17th. This will task players with completing daily missions to earn jigsaw puzzle pieces. Then, once all the pieces have been put together they will receive George's Gift, which contains 100 Energy, 30,000 Gold, 3,000 Ether pieces, 100 Eon's Magical dust.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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