Dadish is one of the more popular platformers on mobile. It features great colors and plenty of adorable humor for the player to enjoy. It's a game about a dad, who is also a radish (hence the name "Dadish". Guess you can say he's a Rad Dad as well). 

In the game, you have several children, and while watching them, you fall asleep. While you're asleep, a balloon floats by, causing the kids to get excited. Next thing you know, they're all off for the races. This leads you to wake up, wondering where they went. And that's where our game begins. 

You need to complete different levels, each with its own obstacles. By reaching the end of them, you'll find one of your many lost child radishes. When finding them, you'll see some cute dialogue between Dadish and the kid that he finds. It's one of the small things you can love about the game. But here are a few tips to know if you're new to the experience or are a potential player.