Electric Noir Studios is releasing its BAFTA-nominated mystery game Dead Man’s Phone on iOS and Android in March.

In Dead Man’s Phone, you play as a London detective working in New Scotland Yard who investigates and solves homicides using the victims’ smartphones. During the game you search through the phone’s personal messages, photos and apps for clues, then command your police team on the ground. You conduct interrogations using video chat, receive calls and follow news headlines in order to find the killer.

Featuring a large ensemble of actors, Dead Man’s Phone uses live-action filmed sequences to tell the story. To push the boundaries of immersion even further, your detective partner in the story, DCI Michael Sutherland is voiced by a real homicide detective, DS Simeon Cryer who has spent two decades on the force in the Bristol Major Crime Team.

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Cryer has also acted as a consultant on the game, using his experience to wax out the story and the choices you get to make throughout the narrative. Check out the trailer above to see a small teaser for the game.

Because you’ll be making a lot of choices throughout the game. These have impactful and lasting consequences, which can drastically alter the narrative. You’ll face ethical dilemmas which challenge your beliefs, shaping the kind of detective you become. You can either run your case with professionalism or be ruthless in pursuit of catching the killer.

Electric Noir Studios is releasing the first season for Dead Man’s Phone on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store sometime in March. Once we know more details about a release date, we’ll be sure to update you on that.

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