Kabam's Marvel Realm of Champions is set to receive its first major update since launching worldwide last month. It will arrive tomorrow and introduce a bunch of new features to the 3v3 MOBA including new PvE missions, resources and weapons for two of the Houses.

First up is the addition of World Quests. These are PvE experiences that see players completing missions across the whole of Battleworld. The first of these quests will run from February 22nd to March 19th and will be called Grave of the Celestials. We can expect more World Quests will be added throughout the year.

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Elsewhere, Alliance members will now be able to team up with one another to tackle specific objectives in Alliance Events. There will be various rewards up for grabs for completing them too. Players can now check their Battle Rating and Champion Ranking on the newly added Leaderboards on a global, regional and friends list scale.

Another new feature is Gear Shards which can be obtained by completing Alliance Events, Objectives and Calendar Rewards. They are a new type of resource that can be exchanged for crystals that will guarantee items of specific rarities.

Finally, two new weapons have been added to the game. For Pyramid X Champions there is the Hurricane Flail, which transforms Storm players into a ranged support Champion. The second, meanwhile, is for House of Iron Champions and is called the Proton Cannon. This allows Iron Legionnaires to become ranged damage Champions.

Marvel Realm of Champions is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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