Pumped BMX Flow is an arcade-style extreme sports game where you play from a side-scrolling view. It's quite similar to another game that's popular called Hill Climb Racing since both games have similar art styles and concepts. 

Pumped BMX, of course, focuses on bike riding versus motorized vehicles. But the goal of BMX is simple and fun. You need to nail as many tricks as you can whilst riding over several ramps. Keep going until you wipeout, which would mean a game over. 

And although it's easy enough to pick up and play, it can still be kind of tricky to master at times. Completing tricks on consecutive ramps can be challenging early on. That said, that's essentially what makes it fun, and once you get a flow going, it feels pretty rewarding. Here are a few little tips to help you out in the high-flying Pumped BMX Flow game.