Netmarble has launched a new update for its popular mobile fighting game, Marvel Future Fight, which is out now for iOS and Android versions of the game.

The update, which is dubbed Dawn of X, adds a collection of new uniforms for fan favourite characters in the Marvel universe, particularly those associated with the X-Men.

Six new uniforms have been added in total, including an X of Swords uniform for Cable, the Excalibur uniforms for Gambit and Rogue, and an All-New Wolverine uniform for X-23. Additionally, Deadpool now has two new outfits, an all-black one and an all-white one in celebration of his 30th anniversary. You can use Clear Tickets to upgrade these uniform’s EXP levels.

Furthermore, Marvel Future Fight is also making improvements to the Alliance Conquest and Timeline Battle systems, as well as enhancements to characters in the playable roster.

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A new conquest area based on New York City has been added, as well as higher level leagues for high-rank alliances. The changes to Timeline Battle include a higher level Challenger league, which high rank players from the Vibranium league can join.

Other than that, there have been other smaller improvements made to Marvel Future Fight which might make your experience a little smoother. The Realise Potential function has been newly updated for an additional seven characters: Deathlok, Lincoln Campbell, Blue Marvel, Lash, America Chavez, Quasar (Avril Kincaid) and Anti-Man.

Meanwhile, the Awaken Potential has been updated with new Awaken Skills added for Gambit, X-23 and Nightcrawler. Cable can also now also be upgraded to Tier 3, and has new ultimate skills.

You can download Marvel Future Fight now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. It is a free to play title with in-app purchases.

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