After it was revealed yesterday that Terraria will not be supported on Google platforms going forward, a new statement by Re-Logic has confirmed that this will not affect the current Android version of the game.

In a statement to IGN, Andrew Spinks from Re-Logic confirmed that existing Terraria customers playing the game on Android, which is accessed through the Google Play store, won’t be affected by this decision.

“Punishing existing customers who paid for our game on these platforms is not what we are about. To be clear: there should be no impact whatsoever to Terraria on Google platforms, both existing/purchased games as well as ongoing store availability,” Re-Logic told IGN.

The news kicked off yesterday when Spinks posted on Twitter that their entire Google account had been shut down without any prior warning. Spinks then said that due to this, they would be cancelling the Stadia port of Terraria and not supporting Google platforms moving forward.

Re-Logic clarifies to IGN that future games the developer creates would not come to Google platforms, which includes Stadia and the Play Store.

Terraria was first released back in 2011 and remains the only title so far that Re-Logic has developed. On mobile and handheld platforms, it has seen releases on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

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