Forager is a semi-idle adventure game where you start with a small island, collecting resources and, of course, foraging, to then unlock more items, crafting abilities, a skill tree, islands, puzzles and so much more. As the world grows larger, there are so many different options, you might get overwhelmed or not know which path to choose. In this article, we are focusing on the skill tree.

The Forager skill tree is basically a board of unlocks, which starts as four choices. Whichever choice you pick will unlock more options down the line, that are adjacent to them. You can’t unlock all of these at once and need to save up XP points from leveling up to unlock more new levels, which gets more challenging as you get deeper in the game. These skills are massive changes to the game, unlocking new items and ways of playing Forager. Each of these four choices falls into four main categories, though there are some adjacent and overlapping items!