As you may know, Supercolony's adorable RPG Catopia: Rush is currently available in Early Access for Android. However, this test period will draw to a close in two weeks so the developers are celebrating the last fortnight with an event they're calling CatopiaFest. We first covered Catopia: Rush during our inaugural LaunchPad event last July and it's great to see how it's progressed since then. 

During the final two weeks, any player who takes part in the beta will receive a tonne of rewards each day, meaning that they'll be able to collect each character and level without much effort. The developers hope that giving players access to more of the game quicker will result in better feedback.

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The items players can expect to receive include:

  • 500 Stamina daily
  • 5K Gems daily
  • 1M Gold daily
  • 100K XP daily
  • 100K Crystal daily
  • 10K Cat Stamps daily

The event is now underway and all in-game shops have been closed meaning that players can no longer buy items, gem packs or the Super Pass. Also, as you might expect given the endgame access CatopiaFest is providing, Beta content and progress will not carry over to the final version of the game.

However, the developers have also said they're committed to honouring any purchases made during the Beta. For instance, if a player purchased a Super Pass in the beta, they will receive one when the full version launches and likewise, they would receive $20 of Gems if they purchased that amount.

Catopia Rush is available now on Google Play in Early Access and will eventually release on the App Store. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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