With a new Teamfight Tactics set comes a wide variety of new microtransactions that guarantee to make you want to play the game more often. And to tell you the truth, I've been playing the game since Set 1 and it's definitely amazing to see just how far it has come. Going from the Rift Arena and Arrowhead Arena to Club 2 Arena and Lunar City Arenas definitely feels day-night different.

Oh, and I haven't even started about the Little Legends. My all-time favourite, Furyhorn, has not only become a K/DA member but also turned Lunar Beast! That, along with countless other Little Legends playfully joined the fray and kept us waiting for the next big thing (or should I say big Little Legends reveal?).

So all things considered, what are some of the best microtransactions you can (and should) currently buy in TFT to get a good value for your buck? Let's find out!

Teamfight Tactics Fates II Pass+ (1295 RP)

We've already covered the TFT Pass in a previous article. This pass goes for about $10 (with some spare RP leftover), which is definitely something you should get if you're planning to play TFT for a long time.

A pass lasts for an entire TFT season (about 3 months) and you will receive weekly missions that are going to skyrocket your milestone progress. For each milestone, you reach you'll be able a claim a new reward.

These rewards include limited-time Little Legends, Eggs, Permanent Emotes, Star Shards (used to upgrade Little Legends), Arenas, and much more.

Should you buy it? Definitely yes!

tft arena bundle

TFT Fates II Pass+ and Arena Bundle (2260 RP)

This bundle is available for about $12.5 and gives you the Pass+ and the Lunar City Arena. This is not the super-fancy-music-playing Arena, but it's still amazing - all things considered. If you're an Arena collector (but want to keep it budget-friendly) then this might be a good bundle choice.

If you were to buy the items individually you'd have to get the Arena for 1380 RP and Pass+ for 1295 RP, making up a total of 2675 RP (about $17). So, you definitely get a pretty decent discount for buying the bundle.

Should you buy it? If you want one of the new Arenas and don't care about the one which has the music implemented, then yes - it's a good arena and with the pass, you get a decent discount. 

teamfight tactic mega bundle

Festival of Beasts 2021 Mega Bundle (10380 RP - about $75)

Oh boy, here we go. This MEGA bundle is definitely something I've had my eyes on for a while. I was not impressed by the fact that it had the Lunar City Arena (I was definitely expecting the Club 2 Arena instead), but it's not a complete deal-breaker. The items it contains include the following:

  • TFT Fates Pass+ (1295 RP)
  • Lunar City Arena (1380 RP)
  • 18 Festival of Beasts 2021 Eggs (490 RP each - 8820 RP total)
  • 2 Heroic Hatching Eggs (490 RP each - 980 RP total)
  • Tangerine Burst, Staff Drop, Raging Ox Booms (these Booms don't have an individual price, since they've been only included in the pass thus far)

The total for all the items (Booms excluded) would be 12475 RP. It's definitely something you should be looking at if you're a TFT collector since you'll get access to Arenas, the Pass, and a whole hatchery of eggs! These will definitely bode well to the collection.

But now for the real question... should you buy it?

To tell you the truth, for me it's really tempting to buy it. I have been collecting all the TFT things I could get my hands on since Set I, and as much as I would've liked to see Club 2 Arena in this bundle (to have a straight positive answer), I am not completely against it but it is incredibly expensive. If you can afford it and REALLY want the eggs and arena, then get it. Otherwise, it's not worth it.

tft microtransactions

Festival of Beasts 2021 Choncc/Furyhorn/Shisa Bundles (4350 RP each)

These bundles give you 6 eggs, 3 of each new variation of the Little Legend (Lunar Revel or Lunar Beast), plus the bundle-exclusive Boom associated with them. Choncc will get the Tangerine Boom, Furyhorn will get the Raging Ox Boom, while Shisa will get the Staff Drop Boom (which kinda looks like the Staff Jax uses in his God Staff Jax Skin).

There is no other way to get these Booms at the moment, other than the Mega Bundle or the individual bundles. Also, it's worth mentioning that with the three eggs of each Little Legend, you are guaranteed to get them 3*.

Should you buy it? I believe this is overpriced for the price of six eggs and a Boom. If you would be willing to pay that much for a 3-star Little Legend and a Boom (without the Pass+), then you should consider the Mega Bundle instead - at least you'll get all the new Little Legends 3* from it, alongside the pass and Arena too. Oh, and all three Booms - you won't have to choose.

The new 1-star Little Legends individual variants (925 RP each)

I don't even have to say much about this - it's definitely overpriced unless you don't care about the Arena or Pass. It would be worth getting just the Pass and opening a random egg that you get from it - you'd get better value for your money.

Should you buy it? I wouldn't recommend it.

TFT microtransactions

Club 2 Arena Skin (1900 RP)

This arena is the equivalent of DJ Sona and K/DA Seraphine, but for TFT Arenas. It has a lot more interactions (as seen in the image above), and it has a unique background music track that's actually really, really cool! It's sad that it doesn't come in any bundle, so if you want to buy it for the collection, you'll have to get it at a full price.

Should you buy it? If you want this specific arena, then yes - otherwise, just get the Pass+ or another bundle with the Lunar City Arena.

Lunar City Arena (non-bundled, for 1380 RP)

There are a lot of options that include this arena (as I mentioned above), so I really don't see the point of buying it for the full price.

Should you buy it? No. We made a list of the Best current TFT comps you can use!

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