NUTS is a game that fans of wildlife and photography can appreciate. Yet, another game added to a strong list of games on Apple Arcade, NUTS is about what you think it's about. Yup, you'll be tracking down squirrels and taking pictures of them. It may remind gamers of Firewatch

You'll start off walking into the forest where a caravan awaits. There, you'll begin with some small tasks such as firing up a generator and sending a fax. Before you're ready to start snapping pictures of squirrels for your research, you'll need to take a test picture of the caravan. 

Initially, this can actually be a bit confusing, as it seems like you won't be able to fax the image to Nina, your boss, and mentor. One quick tip I'll tell you here if you get stuck is that you'll find your images in your journal and there's a little "lock" button at the top of your screen. Press that while your journal is open so you can grab the image and fax it to Nina. Now here are a few other tips to help you out on your photography adventure.