It’s a happy ‘mew’ year in Flero’s feline-themed idle game, Dear My Cat. The casual pet simulator has kicked off 2021 with an update that ushers in a load of fresh content, including new characters, events and even an idol competition — the whole ‘kitten-and-cat-boodle’.

If you’re new to the game, it’s essentially a gentle, low-maintenance sim in which you populate pretty floating islands with anthropomorphised cats. Each cute cat has its own personality and theme, and will amble around, passing the time by playing, chatting, fishing, napping and so on. It’s all a very relaxed affair, with soothing music and a laid-pack pace — just the sort of meditative distraction many of us could do with right now.

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This latest Dear My Cat update introduces three new cats to the cast of furry friends. There’s MooMoo, a former ranch hand more comfortable mucking in on the farmyard than lazing by the fire. He typically dons a cartoonish cow hat, cow bell and obligatory denim dungarees. You can unlock him in the new Lucky Bag Event, which features various exclusive rewards, including a MooMoo Invitation Ticket.

Then there’s Fabio, a barista extraordinaire whose true passion is all things coffee (with cream, of course). Unlike MooMoo, he is most at home in a café, amidst the rich, warming scent of a fresh brew. Add Fabio to your feline paradise in the sky by gathering puzzle pieces in the new Puzzle Event.

Finally, there’s Serafina, whose angelic ways bring a Cheshire grin to the most morose of moggies. Complete with wings and halo, she always has a smile, an uplifting story or wise words for those who cross her path. Serafina is available via the new VIP Package.

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Other exciting announcements include the 100th Day Anniversary Event, in which you can nominate your very favourite cat to join a musical troop of 15 cat idols. Simply visit the dedicated website to cast your vote. And, if you’re hoping to spruce up your islands, the new Pick-up Collection and Haro’s Express Delivery events each give you a chance of obtaining S—SS grade decorations.

You can download the latest version of Dear My Cat for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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