Spire Blast is another, the fresh new game added to a growing catalog of games on the Apple Arcade. It's a very casual experience with a sprinkle of difficulty in there too. It features some beautiful, colorful graphics that has become a bit of a signature aspect of Apple Arcade games. 

The game is all about trying to bring down towers. There are plenty of games like this and mobile, and they're always good fun to play. However, Spire Blast does things a bit differently and it's actually quite clever. Instead of just aiming wherever you have to hit certain points. 

Each castle made of colorful blocks. You need to hit corresponding colors on the towers with a ball of the same color. So essentially, it's like a blend of tower toppling and Tetris. It's really one of the best casual games on Apple Arcade and knocking down towers is highly satisfying. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when playing.