LINE Games' popular RPG Exos Heroes has received yet another update this week which introduces the final member of the idol trio. Alongside that, there will be a login event that will allow players to net themselves either Bathory or Rachel.

The final member of the idol trio is Fatecore Astral Idol Liffy. This parallel world version of Liffy is the youngest of the trio who is known for her quirky charm and as such, has the biggest fanbase among the group members.

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Her new Fatecore is available through Chance Increase Recruit until January 28th, which is also when season three, Blooded Rhapsody arrives. Liffy also comes equipped with her exclusive weapon, a special microphone attached to a drill called Drilling Cantabile, which sounds incredibly dangerous for all involved.

Meanwhile, as mentioned, players can get themselves either Bathory or Rachel by taking part in the Eternal Bond event, which is set to take place from January 24th until February 23rd. It is essentially a login event where players will need to check into the game for 30 consecutive days. Doing so will allow them to choose to add either Bathory or Rachel to their team.

It's a much smaller update than we'll see with the arrival of Season three, Blooded Rhapsody, next week but the promise of a free character is always tempting. If you're unfamiliar with Exos Heroes it's a gacha RPG where you'll recruit a plethora of characters to form a team to progress through the game's extensive story.

Exos Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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