I don’t know about you, but ever since the announcement for Pokemon Snap went live I have been itching to play the game. I pre-ordered my own copy, I watched the trailer several times, and I downloaded Pokemon Go and started playing that to get the Pokemon experience back into my life.

There is something that seems so relaxing about exploring a world, taking pictures of the creatures there, and just exploring! As I wait for Pokemon Snap, I want to play some experiences that are similar and figured you might want to play them too. These games may not have Pokemon in them, but they do have relaxing and fun experiences, and they're all based around taking pictures of wonderful creatures who you must seek out in their homes.

While we don't have long left until Pokemon Snap re-enters our lives, it'll certainly feel like it if you're even half as excited as I am about it. These should definitely sate some of that impatience, and with good reason, they're all fantastic games which combine photography, wonderful creatures and a fun, kind world to explore.

So, without further hesitation, click through below to find some wonderful worlds to explore while you wait for Pokemon Snap.