The adventure continues as you explore the world of Exos Heroes in Season 3! If you’ve been wandering around the world map with your party of delightfully colourful characters chibi-style since last September’s Season 2, you can once again draw your sword (and wield those kick-ass moves) as LINE Games launches “Blooded Rhapsody” on January 28.

Picking up where Season 2’s North Wind left off, the third season will feature a brand new story set in the majestic kingdom of Saint West - and of course, no new Nation will be complete without its fair share of intrigue. Mahar and Bernavas suggest that Zeon’s team head to Saint West after the battle in Brunn, but Zeon’s decision to act alone when he discovers he can retrieve the lost Artifact from Carrie - the First Queen of Saint West - leads to an unexpected conspiracy. When Zeon gets framed for the murder of the Second Queen Emma, he’s forced to do everything in his power to clear his name, because it’s tough being the hero of the story, isn’t it?

Saint West itself is steeped in mystery behind the grandiose walls and towering buildings, and players can dig deeper into the story along with three new Heroes: authoritarian Carrie, passive but prideful Nemeris, and the King of Saint West, John Donk.

As the First Queen of Saint West, Carrie is heavily involved in a hushed political plot to take back her lost honour from Emma, the Second Queen. Nemeris - now pit against his half-brother Rachel - is proud of his royal blood, and players will soon find out whether this drive can lead to the kingdom’s ruin as his ultimate downfall or help him ascend to the throne as the rightful heir.

The fate of Saint West - and Zeon’s unwilling involvement - aside, “Blooded Rhapsody” will also feature major content and convenience feature updates, including a welcome reorganization of the current Challenge contents. This will now be categorized into Story Guide, Content Guide, and Hero Growth Guide, the last of which is where players can acquire more event Fatecore (Silver) to their heart’s content.

With the Season 3 update, Exos Heroes fans can enjoy new convenience features for a better play experience. The minimum requirements for entering the Lunatic / Special level daily challenge contents have been lowered; plus, you can now pick an automatically recommended Team for Quick Battle mode to make sure you can maximize your heroes’ combat strength and abilities. There’s an added pop-up box to indicate a hero’s Nation in the Journal, as well as options for changing Guardian Stones for Fated Armor on the Hero Management and Bag menu. And if you’re a seasoned adventurer in the Exos Continent, you can now skip the tutorial scenes to dive right into the game, as well as skip the Recruit cutscene (because while those cloaked figures leaping out of the Airship look hella awesome, sometimes, you just can’t wait to see which Hero you’ve picked right away).

Finally, the maximum account level cap will increase from 60 to 65, so there’s really no excuse not to keep grinding to uncover the hidden truths behind closed doors and in the hushed hallways of the new Nation that’s mired in controversy.

What other secrets lie behind the lofty facade of Saint West? Will Zeon and his teammates breeze through the cut-throat political landscape of the kingdom unscathed, or will Zeon’s reputation - and his life - be on the line against the machinations of the royal family? Check out the Exos Heroes official Facebook page to find out more!

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