Superplanet's idle RPG Raising Archangel is now available for iOS and Android following the initial announcement back in December. You might be familiar with Superplanet from their other successful titles from 2020, Evil Hunter Tycoon and SwordMaster Story.

They are only handling publishing duties, however, with the development of the game being carried out by Maestro. It sees players taking on the role of a newbie angel who is on a quest to become more powerful in battle. It promises to be a simple and fun idle RPG.

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Continuing that theme, the developers also claim Raising Archangel is ideal for folks who don't dabble in games very often. There are no overly complicated controls to get to grips with and since it's an idle RPG, you don't have to get too involved if you'd prefer not to.

On launch, there will be four different game modes for players to dive into. The first is The Main Stage where they'll do battle with a plethora of monsters before taking on a boss. Emerging victorious from this battle will unlock the next stage.

Beyond that, there's the Infinite Tower where players will battle their way up a series of increasingly difficult floors with better rewards on offer the further they progress. There's also Dragon’s Nest where you'll use a U-class weapon to battle against a Dragon to earn Dragon Soul Shards.

raising archangel

Finally, there's the time-limited adventure, the Dungeon. Here players will look to kill as many monsters as possible in a set time, with Reinforcing Stones and Spirit Stones on offer as rewards. The dungeon will become more difficult the higher the stage.

Raising Archangel is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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