Okyo Games and Plug In Digital Publishing has released Neon Beats on iOS after a successful release on PC with a positive review rate of 96%.

It’s an elegant combination of music and platform gameplay that exists within a 2D setting. You enter an abstract world to embody a cube which moves along a white line. Catchy music begins to play along with colourful shining neon lights, and you have to jump and swing around the world to the accelerating rhythm of the beat.

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See the trailer above for more information on the game. The deeper you progress through the level, the harder the challenge becomes.

With nine different levels to play on, each with their own music, that’s a decent amount of content to jam to. Furthermore, there are also hidden collectibles to find within the levels, which each add new instruments to the music, and a scoring system which counts up your time, collectibles and number of deaths to give you a final ranking.

“The enthusiasm over Neon Beats was tremendous, as was the demand for a mobile adaptation: which is now real and already available,” says Plug In Digital on the new mobile release of Neon Beats. The conversion to iOS gives the game smooth and responsive controls, as well as an easy pick-up-and-play nature best suited for handheld devices.

Okyo Games is a development team made up of five game design students. Strong collaboration and ambition within the team drove the heart of Neon Beats’ development, and has allowed them to express their desire to craft strong experiences which combine interaction and music.

You can download Neon Beats now from the iOS App Store. It’s a paid title which will cost you £2.99.

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