Point and Click adventure games have been around for decades now, having gone through many names - from graphic adventure through to point and click - in that time. This list is entirely dedicated to that humble genre, specifically to the best new mobile adventure games which released throughout 2020.

Point and click adventure games on mobile actually use a tap to interact system, where you are mostly tapping on items, tapping on an inventory area, and tapping to move around. On PC, you’d be using the mouse to point and click, and that's where the name originates.

Point and click adventure games often are heavily narrative, providing a story to go along with the game, putting you into fantastic worlds, full of different characters, all trying to make it somewhere new or live their story. Point and click adventure games are some of my favorite types of adventure games out there, I love the mystery, the puzzles, and the worlds created within them.

There have been quite a few point and click adventure games that have found their way to mobile this year, and so we have collected the best of the best to share with you all today.