Crossy Road is one of the more popular mobile games in recent years. The game was so popular, that there was an in-universe follow-up called Crossy Road Castle by the folks at Hipster Whale. As a matter of fact, Crossy Road Castle was one of my top five mobile games of the year for 2020. 

The original game, Crossy Road is where it all began. It's essentially like what the name says that it is. You choose from a cast of silly characters and you try to cross different roads. Sound familiar? That's because of its clear inspiration from the legendary Frogger games. 

The game is simple, but is quite addictive, which is an obvious reason why it was such a hit on mobile. Even with the release of Crossy Road Castle, the OG game is still popular and highly regarded. Here are a few things you should know about this road crossing survival game. 

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