Following its initial announcement earlier this year, Thunderful Publishing and Studio Fizbin have announced that their comedy title Say No! More will release in 2021. It was initially slated to arrive at the end of this year but has now been pushed back to next Spring.

If you're unfamiliar, the game has been described as a 'No!-them up'. This essentially means you'll be cutting about the game world saying 'No' as much as humanly possible. You play as an intern who is getting an unreasonably large amount of worked dumped upon their desk.

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One day, you discover a portable cassette player complete with cassette on your desk. The tape is simply called 'No!' and features the voice of a character only known as Coach who imbues you with the power to say 'No'. From there you can expect a crazy and comedic story about the power of the word 'No'.

Discussing the game, Marius Winter, Game Director at Studio Fizbin said: “It’s been a challenging year, but we’ve been relentlessly toiling away on our little No!-them up and the game is really coming together.”

They added: “The amount of things we’ve found to say no to over the course of our development has been staggering. We want this game to drop next year as a fun experience that anyone can play again and again. Hopefully it encourages you to think about saying no more too, it’s good for you!”

Say No! More will be available on the App Store, Nintendo Switch and PC next year in the Spring. There is no word on pricing just yet but we'll be sure to keep you updated as and when we learn more.

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