Not sure who to buy in Wild Rift? Don't worry, after reading this article you'll know exactly who you should be spending your hard-earned Blue Motes on, or who to unlock from your Champion Selection Chests. But before we dive into it, we should really discuss something more important - the type of champions you enjoy playing!

If you already have a basic understanding of the game, then you probably know about the lanes and the champions assigned to them. Otherwise, here's a quick walkthrough: in the Baron lane, you have tanks or fighters, in the jungle you have... well... junglers, in the mid lane you have assassins or control mages, and in the Dragon lane, you have a duo made up of a marksman and a support.

Since you will unlock a few champions for free, there will be no point in buying these with Blue Motes or getting them from a chest. As long as you keep playing and leveling up, you'll unlock them for free.

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What champions to buy first in Wild Rift for top lane:

As a top laner, you want to unlock the following champions first, because they are easy to play and will help you win more games:

- Jax*
- Darius
- Tryndamere
- Dr. Mundo (optional, if you want a really heavy-duty tank)

These are the easiest champions to play in the Baron lane. I would recommend against Camille and Fiora for start because they're quite difficult to play, so it's better to stick to something easy that can have a big impact on the game.

What champions to buy first in Wild Rift for the jungle:

In the jungle, you want something that has a lot of carry potential and can solo-kill Drakes and hold on their own. Ideally, easy-to-play scaling champions are good, because they won't punish you too much for taking a lot of damage from jungle minions and can impact the game later on.

- Jax* (Jax can be a great top laner or jungler)
- Amumu
- Evelynn
- Olaf

With the settings from Wild Rift, it's quite easy to play these champions because you can set the target to lock on champions, which will help you target their abilities a lot easier.

What champions to buy first in Wild Rift for mid lane:

In the mid lane, it is never easy picking a champion that must have a great influence all-round on the map. Some of the best and easy to play champions are unlocked from the free boxes (take Lux and Annie for example), so you won't have to worry too much about it. However, if you put some time and effort into learning a new mid laner, I'd recommend buying the following:

- Ziggs* (he is crazy strong and fairly easy to play, plus he could even shift into the support role)
- Orianna
- Twisted Fate
- Seraphine* 
(she can play as a support or a mid laner, so it's a great pick)

If you're dedicated to learning a champion that can pretty much one-shot anybody, then you could buy Akali or Zed, but keep in mind they're not that beginner-friendly and you will need to play at least 10 games before you dive into a PvP game with them.

What champions to buy first in Wild Rift for bot lane:

In the Dragon lane, you usually play as a duo: a marksman and a support. Depending on the role, I'd recommend buying the following champions first:

- Miss Fortune*
- Varus

These champions are ideal for the marksman role. They're quite easy to play, and super fun as well. Additionally, you could play Miss Fortune as a support even.

- Sona* (she could also go mid in some situations, but you need to play very careful if you do)
- Soraka
- Seraphine* (she could also go mid in some situations, but you need to play very careful if you do)

The following two are enchanter supports, so they will not be ideal for initializing fights. If you want a support that can engage, then one of the following should do:

- Alistar
- Braum

These would be my suggestions for what champions to buy first in League of Legends: Wild Rift. They are ideally dedicated to people who are not too familiar with the game and want a champion that can bring a lot to the team, and can be learned relatively quickly.

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