2020 has been one of the wildest years in a really long time. But despite everything that's happened, it's been a great year for mobile gaming. And with most people limited on what they can do, many found themselves playing video games, including tons of mobile.

In fact, mobile gaming is getting so huge that there is expected to be 2.7 billion (!!) mobile gamers in 2021. That would be a bump from 2020 where we saw a little over two billion. And the library of games on mobile continues to grow at a rapid pace.

From premium titles to free ones, there's a little something for everyone, no matter what genre of game you're looking for. Shooters, sports, action, adventure, puzzle, you name it, there is always a game there. And with the inclusion of the Apple Arcade, the list continues to be massive.

As we put a bow on 2020 and unwrap 2021, here are my top five mobile games from this past year..