Etermax is vibing for the Christmas season by updating some of its Trivia Crack games with new features and special offers on iOS and Android devices.

Trivia Crack, and its sequels Trivia Crack 2 and Trivia Cars, is each seeing custom designs and artwork added to the games with a bit of seasonal flair sprinkled on top. As you take care of your pet in Trivia Crack, you can win the Christmas Pack, which is complete with accessories, cookies and credits to use with your pet. As for Trivia Crack 2, there are offers of new festive wheels, including a Christmas Eve and a Capricorn Season Wheel.

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There are also new modes and features coming to the Trivia Crack games, with some of the highlights including Play Off, a tournament that tests your knowledge in a tug of war against a random opponent, Mystery Doors, where you must collect 20 keys to enter a special treasure room, and Color Game Mode, where your objective is to collect 25 pieces by forming words and stealing tiles from your opponent.

As an added bonus, special Christmas packs and offers are available on each of the in-app stores, with discounts up to 90% on Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack 2 and Trivia Cars, as well as a 70% discount in Word Crack’s store.

The Trivia Crack series of games is available worldwide in over 34 languages, and boasts an impressive 600 million downloads and 150 million active yearly users. You can download Trivia Crack from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title containing adverts and has in-app purchases.

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