When you're just getting started in Wild Rift, you might want to dive into the PvP as soon as you open the game. However, I have to say that it's not that easy, because it will unlock at level 10. Today I'll give you a few tips on how to reach level 10 fast in League of Legends: Wild Rift, and how to unlock plenty of goods in the process.

To kick things off, you will have to start with the tutorial, where all of the basics of the game will be explained. Then, you will be able to practice against bots, and finally, you'll be able to play against other players.

But when we mention PvP, there are actually two main types: normal and ranked. The ranked Summoner's Rift will unlock once your account hits level 10.

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What does it mean to reach level 10 in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

In short, once your account reaches level 10, you will gain access to everything that you would in League of Legends (on PC) at level 30. More specifically, you'll unlock a ranked queue and several other benefits.

Another element that you will unlock at level 10 in Wild Rift is the runes. As you keep leveling up, you'll unlock several of them, but not all. The ones you'll unlock at level 10 include Manaflow Band and Kleptomancy, which are very useful on certain champions.

How does ranked queue work?

We've got a comprehensive guide about ranked, that you should check out before diving into your first game. I would also suggest that you practice one or two champions well before you start your very first ranked game because that will help you achieve a better rank.

By ranking up in Wild Rift, you'll receive rewards once the season ends. Depending on the rank you end up with (at the end of the season) you'll get rewards that will reflect that. (At the moment, we don't know too much about this, since it's still in the open beta phase.)

How long does it take to reach level 10?

Reaching level 10 is not a very fast process, and you'll have to grind quite a few games. Normally, it would take about 25-30 games without using any boosts, and assuming that you might lose a couple of games.

The EXP you receive is based on how well you performed. So, if you want to get more EXP per game, try to do the following:
- Do not surrender the game
- Try to play well, it will reflect in your post-game points
- Do not feed
- Play PvP games, not versus bots
- Use EXP Boost items (you find them in your Inventory)

I used some EXP boosts and took me about 24 or 25 games to reach level 10 in Wild Rift. I didn't have too many losses either, which probably helped quite a bit. Among these games, I probably had a maximum of 5 games versus AI.

If you want to farm level quicker or learn a specific champion better, then you should play Co-op vs AI games, because they take less time and you can farm EXP faster in those games, than PvP games, because they take less time.

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