I’m probably going to have to revoke my Pocket Gamer staff card here, but I didn’t properly get into mobile gaming until late last year. Maybe it was because I was mad into my Xbox in the years previously, but once I discovered the number of hidden gems available on Google Play I sunk a huge amount of time this year playing as much as the store could offer.

So it’s not like I have much of a reference point for the years previously, but I reckon 2020 has been a great year for mobile gaming. Not only has there been some modern classics released on the iOS App Store and Google Play, but device streaming has become more popular with services like Google Stadia and Xbox’s xCloud letting you play big budget AAA console and PC games on your tiny mobile phone. It’s really broke new ground for what we can achieve on these tiny handheld devices.

So to get to the point, here are my five favourite mobile games of the year 2020.

The Almost Gone

Maybe it’s because I grew up with hidden object adventure games, but The Almost Gone felt like the perfect evolution of this genre in a modern format. The levels are created out of these tiny diorama-esque stages where you have to search each room looking for hidden items, and there are also many self-contained puzzles that require you to search high and low for the solutions.

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The game can actually pretty difficult, and you sometimes have to think outside the box to work out the solutions for each puzzle, but it’s never exactly what you would call a stressful game. In fact, with its pretty, minimal graphics and calm sounds, it’s the perfect way to destress after a long day at work. The isometric design and the soft colours really work well in its favour, and coupled with the emotional story it’s certainly one experience I’ll never forget.