Joycity's military strategy title Gunship Battle Total Warfare is currently celebrating its 2nd anniversary. To commemorate the occasion they are holding an Appreciation event that will run until December 16th.

This includes an exchange event where players can obtain a 2nd Anniversary Cake and a 2nd Anniversary Portrait. To net these rewards, they'll have to successfully attack the enemy Armada Fleet and Armada Bases. Both items can be used for different purposes.

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The 2nd Anniversary Cake can be exchanged for items such as Nimitz and Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier Blueprints, Class 1 Ship Blueprints, Medal of Merit and Legendary Jet Blueprint Box. Meanwhile, the 2nd Anniversary Portrait can be used to increase Stamina recovery by 50% during the event. Once the event is over it continues to apply a 5% stamina buff.

In addition to that, players can take part in the Golden Armada Strike Group Event. Here players can summon one of the aforementioned Strike Groups simply by using the Armada Strike Group Detect feature, which can be found in the Alliance UI tab. Defeating it will net players upgraded Ship Upgrade Core items and greater Ship EXP.

Players will also be able to earn large amounts of resources in the Treasure Island Event which will see them attacking a Developer’s Base that will randomly appear on the world map. Finally, there will be a login bonus available through the event that will give players Gold, Resources, Ship EXP and Jet Blueprints.

Gunship Battle Total Warfare is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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