Frak Attack is the latest endeavour from prolific mobile developer player1games. It's available now for iOS devices and will see players battling against an alien invasion to protect their local town from destruction.


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Players will take on the role of the base commander and their job is to defend the town at all costs whilst helping it grow to be the most desirable and profitable place to live. The aliens – or frakkers as they're known in-game – won't make things franklin’ easy for you.

They'll send in multiple waves of attackers at once to ensure players are always kept busy battling the barrage of bombs. On top of that, they'll deploy sneaky little drones that zip back and forth, attacking your turrets clearing the way for their ground attacks. They will focus on your shields, so it'll be imperative to keep an eye out for them as they can significantly weaken the town’s defenses.

They'll also drop franklin’ plasma bombs too as they make a big push to reach the planet's surface. If they reach it they'll start drilling into the ground in search of valuable resources. Fortunately, players will have access to various weapons of their own, which can be upgraded over time to fight back against those frakkers.

There will be three upgradable defensive turrets to make use of in total. Each will have its own specific uses and advantages against the frakkers. Players will need to make sure they're using the best weapon for the job each time to quell the invasion and protect their town.

Towns across the globe are counting on you, make sure to head on to the App Store and download Frak Attack, available for free.

Frak Attack is available now over on the App Store. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.