Free-to-play, tactical card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, has had its first cards made available on the marketplace, Pocket Gamer can now confirm.

The upcoming title, which is set to launch in 2021 for PC and later for mobile, has players collecting digital trading cards and then - when the game fully releases - battling one another with their collection. However, even though Doctor Who: Worlds Apart isn't out until next year, you can already start your collection now. The core gameplay is cited as revolving "around chess-like matches where both players can react once to their opponent's plays and attacks, emphasizing on strategy, planning and wits." You'll collect and deploy objects, flashes, moments, companions and creatures, among other cards, in order to outwit your opponents in the turn-based combat.

There are now digital card packs available to buy through the Doctor Who Worlds Apart website

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The packs currently come in four different versions, ranging from $4.99 through to $196.30 and will be available for a limited time. Now, that might seem quite lofty, however, if you have a passing understanding of blockchain then you might be interested to hear more about them. Each card will be tradeable on the blockchain, and can also be bought using cryptocurrency. This is pretty important as the developer, Reality Gaming Group, wants to emulate the scarcity that we sometimes see in physical card games. 

If you've seen the online markets for Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh cards then you'll know that prices of certain cards swell and dwindle over time, especially as newer versions of the cards become available. Worlds Apart will launch with over 200 cards based on the series, including a selection from before the 2005 relaunch, 

You can also buy a Founders Coin, a limited item which will give you a permanent discount on pack purchases, some free packs and early access to its beta.

We'll have more information on Doctor Who: Worlds Apart nearer to its release date next year, but we'll also make sure to keep you updated as we learn more about it or its trading platform.

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