Sneaky Sasquatch was one of the earlier releases on the Apple Arcade when the service became available to mobile gamers everywhere. And now, it has quickly risen the ranks as one of its most popular games. It ended up winning the App Store's Apple Arcade Game of the Year for 2020. 

The game takes place at a park in a forest. You play the role of a friendly sasquatch who is just really hungry. In order to feed himself, he needs to be hilariously sneaky and take food from the baskets, coolers, and grills of campers. If he wants, he can even grab food from trash cans (oh, how nutritious...). We also covered the best way to earn money in Sneaky Sasquatch if you have trouble with it.

It has open-world vibes to it as you can freely explore anywhere you want on the map. Just make sure you have a disguise or otherwise, you'll scare campers who will send the rangers to come and chase you, cutely sending you back home if caught. But there is so much more to Sneaky Sasquatch than just taking food. If you haven't played it yet, here are a few things to expect in this ever-expanding game. 

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