The First Tree is a breathtaking exploration game where you take on the role of a mother fox. This is not a fox simulator, but an emotional journey about a mother trying to find her lost family. You are essentially playing in the dream of a man, who speaks to his wife in the background, reminiscing about his past and his father.

It's in a way, kind of like an open-world game. You can explore different areas and make discoveries. When you make some, the man will tell a story about something from his past. You quickly realize that there's a correlation between this man and the fox's story but it will still feel like a mystery early on.

There are no enemies in the game and no attacking of any kind. It's just a large, lush world with you as the fox, trying to find what seems like is lost. With no combat of any kind, we'll just tell you a few things to know when you dive into this unique journey.

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