After so many people were interested in the last cyberpunk list, of games for Android devices, I felt that those who wanted to focus on iPhone and iPad might be looking for something to add to their phone! There seems to be tons of cyberpunk games announced and launching each and every week.

Cyberpunk is an interesting genre, coming in as a subgenre of science fiction, normally taking place in dystopian futures, where the world seems to be full of bright lights and characters who are always a bit grungy.

It’s how people seem to think our future might be someday, full of color and capitalism that needs to be abolished by some punk who lives in the streets. Flying cars, humans with heavy body modifications, and large populations of people moving around in cramped cities are some of the common threads that you'll spot in these types of games.

There is a humongous amount of breaking laws and generally ignoring the corporation-controlled governments in these types of games if you’re interested in that sort of thing! 

If you want to submerge yourself in this sort of future, all from the comfort of your house, then this is the list for you! This list is specifically for mobile phones and tablets on the iOS operating system, until those get imputed into ourselves through some sort of medical treatment.