Netmarble's popular action game Marvel Future Fight has received a significant update today that introduces six new characters to the RPG. The additions to the roster have been inspired by the Dark Avengers comic book series that sees Norman Osbourne form a team of villains posing as heroes.

The six characters that have been added with this update include Sentry, Scorpion, Daken, Ares, Moonstone and Molecule Man. Alongside that, there will be new uniforms for players to collect which will include a Dark Avengers outfit for Green Goblin and Bullseye.

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On top of that, Awaken Potential and new Awaken skills have been unlocked for Bullseye, Moonstone and Ares. Similarly, Realize Potential has also been unlocked for Scorpion, Daken, Ares, Moonstone and Molecule Man.

To further commemorate the sizeable addition to the game's roster, there is a new Dark Reign themed epic quest for players to complete. As you'd expect the story will revolve around the newly added villains.

Sentry will be the main character for this quest and players will be to get him simply by playing through it. They will also immediately upgrade him to Tier-3. They will also be able to net themselves additional heroes throughout the quest as they continue to improve Sentry.

If you're unfamiliar with Marvel Future Fight, it's an RPG where players will create a team of Marvel characters from a roster that now stands at over 200. The game has proven exceptionally popular since it launched five years ago with over 120 million players giving it a try in that time.

Marvel Future Fight is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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