Mid laners should be some of the most important damage dealers on the team. They can have the most impact on the map since they are basically located in the middle of it. If a mid laner gets ahead of the opponent mid laner, it could really deem the game one-sided for a while. 

Pretty much any champion can be played mid lane, as long as the player's knowledge of the champion is really great However, I won't get into that right now. Instead, I'll focus on the typical mid laners (mages and assassins). 

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The role of mid laners:

Depending on the champion you play, you want to either become one of the main carries on the team by roaming a lot, getting fed and ahead of the enemy team, or by playing safe, farming, and waiting for team fights. The first mostly applies to assassins, while the latter is ideal for control mages. But, nothing is set in stone, and as long as you're able to keep up in Gold, items, and levels, you can choose to roam or stay in lane. 

- Putting out a lot of damage

- Affecting the map / having map presence

- They can get Blue Buff from the jungle, for additional help in lane and in game

- They can roam a lot, after pushing their own lane, to help the other lanes gain an advantage

How to be a good mid laner in Wild Rift:

Being an amazing mid laner will take time and quite a lot of practice. You want to always have ideal farm and try to get ahead in items and levels, to give you a greater power spike.

Then, you want to use all of that to get you further ahead. Mid laners are the core of the game pretty much, which can literally make or break a team. Whenever you pick a mid laner, you need to keep in mind what your team needs: more AD damage or more AP damage?

Based on that, you want to decide if you want to play an assassin or a control mage. There is no composition set in stone, so you'll have to pick a champion that will have certain synergy with some of the other players on the team (for example, the typical Gragas / Yasuo or Malphite / Yasuo team comp). 

How to position as a mid laner:

Positioning is well depending on the champion you play. For assassins, you want to farm, get ahead, roam, and get a lot of kills. That will not only put you ahead but also allow your team to peel for you and enable you.

For control mages, you always want to stay at the back, play safe, farm, and try to scale. Control mages in the end game are some of the most powerful units since they can burst down enemy players with ease.

These mages work best in team fights, so until a team fight happens, you want to keep yourself safe and sound.

What to build as a mid laner:

As I said, it all depends on the type of champion you play. Most of the time you're looking at items that will help you deal more damage, and additional Magic Penetration or Lethality, depending on whether your AP or AD.

Other than damage, you want to prioritize Cooldown Reduction (CDR) and some survivability, in the form of Edge of Night, Zhonya's Hourglass, or Banshee's Veil.

However, one thing you should never do is build heavy AP or AD items (like Rabadon's Deathcap on mages) first item. The item order is especially important for mid laners because it's not cost-efficient. It is a great item for later on in the game, but earlier on, you want something cheap that brings plenty of utility (like Lost Chapter for mages). 


Mid laners have one of the most impactful and important roles in the game. They dictate the pace of the game and have their team relying on them for a lot of damage. However, despite their high damage output, they can easily be taken down or shut down if they don't position accordingly. So, mid laners need to be both extremely careful and considerate with their positioning and map awareness.

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