Burning Fox Games has released a new game aimed for young children to learn mathematics. It’s called Pirates Treasure Hunt, a digital board game where children who are in education will be able to refine their knowledge of maths and all related topics.

It’s a game app in the style of a classic board game, where two to four of you compete against each other to divide the pirate’s treasure amongst yourselves. You throw the dice in turn, add up the digits it yields and choose the right treasure island to plunder. Whoever has the most coins by the end of the game wins.

Pirates Treasure Hunt’s educational value comes in adding up the dice eyes and assigning numbers to the corresponding islands, putting a playful spin on the number ranges up to ten.

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“The inspiration for the hunt for the pirate treasure was my 6-year-old son and his entry in elementary school” explains Nils Schergens from Burning Fox Games. “We wanted to create a game that is both fun and helps you learn the basics of mathematics at the same time.”

The target audience for the app is young children between the ages of five and seven, with a huge focus on child-friendly design. This obviously includes the complete absence of advertising and in-app purchases, meaning parents will be able to let their children play without the fear of accidental high credit card charges. If you have a child currently in primary education, who also has access to a tablet or mobile smartphone, this might be a good thing to load on that device.

You can download Pirates Treasure Hunt from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It's a premium title which costs 89p on Android and 99p on iOS.

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